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5/4/2013 – Well, it had been like four years since i got my house carpet (never cleaned it), so imagine how dirty it was. i was thinking of getting a new carpet, but i thought it was better if i got it cleaned (too expensive to get a new one)..so, I called Marcus Barrera and i think it was one of the best decisions ive made. First, he is extremely punctual and has a great personality, very enthusiastic and respectful. secondly, my carpet looks like new!! all stains were removed!!!! I highly recommend him and will definitely use him again.
Lisa B. / Huntington Beach, CA

5/2/2013 – I met Marcus owner of Action Carpet Care a few years ago, taking a chance of a carpet cleaning service were not familiar with, Action Carpet Care was a success ! he was so friendly and done an Excellent job!
Veronica L. / Norwalk, CA

12/14/2011 – Last week, my sweet puppy wasn’t feeling well and made a sizable mess in our living room…and, of course, it was just a couple of days before we were expecting company. I called around to a few places, but really wasn’t impressed with them…they were expensive, unwilling to do a small area, or just completely unenthusiastic about getting new business. Then I called Marcus. Not only was he super friendly on the phone, but gave me a discount and was able to come over within a couple of hours of my calling him. He did an amazing job cleaning our carpet and even did an additional treatment to the carpet at no charge – it looked better than the day we moved in!! With a dog who loves to drag dirt, leaves, and all sorts of other things into the house, we usually need our carpets cleaned on a fairly regular basis and, after this experience, I’ll be calling Marcus every time!
Stefani W. / Huntington Beach CA

11/3/2011 – We used Action Carpet Care at my parents home, there were some stains that I thought would not be able to remove, but Marcus the owner of Action Carpet had almost every kind of stain spray to remove all the spots on the carpet, He did a great job and friendly service!
Patrick K. / Santa Fe Springs, CA

10/27/2011 – Action Carpet Care, owner Marcus Barrera offers a great service. Not only is that company professional, but on time, affordable, and ethical. Job was done above and beyond my satisfaction. He offers wet extraction, and deep cleaning that will give you a sence of ease when your children like mine are on the rugs crawling around. Marcus also has the highest quality products, only the best for his clients. I have hired him more than once to clean home and office. Thanks bro!
Jeff T. Trigo / Chiropractic Huntington Beach, CA

10/26/2011 – I have a home recording studio. The traffic into my studio just devastates my carpet. I called Action Carpet Care and the owner Marcus came out, got the carpet looking like new. He has cleaned my carpet 3 times now and everytime, the results are awesome. He is pleasant when you first meet him, and pleasant every time you meet him in the future. His work is awesome, and his professionalism follows his personality!
Kenny M. / La Habra, CA

11/3/2011 – I would recommend this business to anyone…The owner was extremely friendly and showed up on time…The quote I received was also very good when I compared it with other operators…
Daniel J. / Santa Fe Springs, CA

11/2/2011 – We been using Action Carpet Care for many years. When Marcus the owner of Action Carpet Care comes to my house to clean my carpet, he does an excellent job. He is dependable and courteous.
Hackzell J. / Santa Fe Springs, CA

5/2/2013 – I met Marcus owner of Action Carpet Care a few years ago, taking a chance of a carpet cleaning service were not familiar with, Action Carpet Care was a success ! he was so friendly and done an Excellent job! I highly recommend Action Carpet to anyone who is looking for a new cleaner or just not satisfied with the one you have now!
Michelle P. / Los Alamitos, CA

10/9/2011 – They are very professional, friendly. Marcus the owner of Action Carpet Care gives you a good price that includes everything in the service to get out all stains that are possible to remove, they do not charge you extra for every little detail things like other cleaning companies do…exceptional in my book. Thanks
Julie B. / Huntington Beach, CA