Wood Floor Cleaning

Wood floors can be a little tricky to clean if you do not know what your doing, But Action Carpet Care has the best experience in this area. As time goes on as your wood floors are walked on.

Your home can accumulate dirt and dust that’s both visible and invisible to the eye. When you invest in our professional, deep cleaning wood care service, not only will this dirt, grime oil be removed; you’ll also be extending the life of your wood floors.

Action Carpet Care goes above and beyond basic surface cleaning using a 4-step cleaning process. Our technicians will remove debris, dirt and oil that’s on the surface of floor, Then spin bonnet cleaning with a quick-dry solution that leaves zero residue, Floor fan drying and apply a top coat that’s either a gloss or satin finish, depending on your preference.

Some areas may be difficult to reach by floor machine, Our professional technique and tools we use to reach, will include hand-cleaning, using a microfiber cloth. Hand-scrubbing is a crucial part of the process that ensures your floors get the most thorough treatment possible. Once the top coat is applied, your floors will be left with a streak-free mirror shine that no ordinary house cleaning can do!


acc waxed wood floors


We also offer Hand-Paste wax application, Then spin bonnet buffing for a nice shine.

hard wood floors hand paste waxing